TREEBEARD'S JAVA BEAN - now known as Uylee. Renee picking up Uylee for a plane ride home where husband Michael, and their children Grace and Rowan are anxiously waiting to meet this boy.

TREEBEARD'S JACK OF HEARTS - now known as Alfie. Liz picking up this boy. Alfie will have lots of fun on the farm with Liz and Sven.

TREEBEARD'S JACK OF ALL TRADES - now known as Jack. Brittany and Karsten are both in love with this boy. And I am lucky they live so close to me.

TREEBEARD'S JUST ADD WATER - this little girl is staying with me. I call her Jackie Eau.

TREEBEARD'S JEWEL BARBETDEAU - Somehow the stars aligned for this girl now called Julia to be with Claude and Dominic. Here is a picture of Claude with this pretty girl.


TREEBEARD'S JOURNEY TO THE SUN - This boy had the longest journey of these pups but is happy and right at home in sunny California. He is called Fynn and gets lots of attention from Amelie, Joseph, and Isabella. Parents Joe and Mimi are awesome. So happy this boy is with the Samluk family.



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