TREEBEARD’S OUT OF THE BLUE – now known as Riker. Ben and Emily are going to have such fun with this boy. And they live close so I will have the opportunity to see Riker.

TREEBEARD’S ORIAN’S BELT – now known as Gilbert - Kristen and Wes already smitten with this puppy. Gilbert is going to have a great life.

TREEBEARD’S ORANJE CONNECTION – now known as Tucker – Rita and her daughter had a long drive to pick this boy. He is going to enjoy time by the lake during the summer. And has shown to be a water dog from the get go.

TREEBEARD’S OUTSIDE THE BOX – now known as Rudy - Sally already has so many socialization opportunities lined up. And this puppy will get extra love from Sally’s two grand daughters.

TREEBEARD’S OVER THE MOON – now known as Lloyd - What a wonderful life this dog is going to have with the Botros family. So much love, attention, and activities await you Lloyd. You are one lucky Barbet.

TREEBEARD’S OPTIMUS PRIME – now known as Olaf - I am thrilled that my friends Louise and Ivan have welcomed this Barbet into their lives. Louise and I both got our first Barbets at the same time many, many years ago.

TREEBEARD’S OPEN THE POD DOORS – now known as Seven - This boy is my keeper puppy. I am so excited about seeing this boy in the ring and what the future holds for him.



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